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Donna Kay Thompson (Cream)

Donna Kay Thompson (Cream)

Dear Jerry,

I'm Joe Cream's bookkeeper. (Donna's husband)  We received your invitation to Donna's class reunion.  I'm sorry to inform you that Donna passed away at the young age of 67 on Oct 1, 2008.  Unfortunately, she never went to the doctor to get a mamogram until months after she felt a lump.  She had a mascectomy but the cancer later matastisized into her brain. Her death left her large family that she lived for devastated!

Maybe this news will prompt other women to get a mamogram and save someone which would make Donna's death not in vain.


Gail Wells

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05/31/09 06:48 PM #1    

Gennie Wade (Roeder)

I'm so saddened by Donna's passing. I had e-mailed her
recently & was going to offer to help pay for her trip &
I didn't get a response. Now I know why. We were in contact a few years ago and let the communication lapse,
for which I'm also saddened. My funny Donna Kay story ... which I reminded her of the last time we spoke and had a good laugh about it. She also admitted to still being smitten with the memory of Elvis!

My sister took a car full of us to go see Elvis when he was performing in OKC. If you knew Donna, then you knew she was a HUGH Elvis fan. She lived and breathed Elvis!
After the show, she begged my sister to drive around to the stage door so she could get a closer look at him if he should happen to step out onto the platform. You should also remember, that if Donna begged for anything, she usually got her way. My sister saw no harm in driving around to the side of the building for Donna ... so she did. Once we got around to the side of the building, Donna Kay jumped out of the car, made her way up to the top of the stairs (which involved shoving a bunch of screaming teenagers out of her way), just as Elvis opened the door. Out of that sea of screaming teenagers, he grabbed Donna Kay, leaned her w-a-y back
(just like in the movies) and planted a big, wet kiss right on her mouth. We thought she was going to faint! Needless to say, she didn't wash her face for a week. Thanks for that fun memory Donna Kay - love ya, Gennie

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