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07/24/08 11:34 AM #1    

Jerry Richardson

Welcome to the Harding High School Class Of 1959 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/25/08 01:35 PM #2    


Jamie Jones (Freeman)

How 'COOL' is this? Hopefully most will participate! It has been a few years but I'm amazed at how many of you I still have vivid memories of (Mrs. Wiser wouldn't like that sentence construction - oh well).

Looking forward to seeing you at the 50th!!

07/25/08 11:34 PM #3    

Don Garrett

what a great idea from jerry richardson...........thanks jerry for getting this website together. hopefully, a lot of people will "blog" and we can catch up on each other.

07/28/08 09:13 AM #4    


Jamie Jones (Freeman)

You are 'right' Don...this idea of Jerry's is terrific...but then he's always been full of good ideas.

08/19/08 04:58 PM #5    

Janice Asner (Feldman)

Thanks for your message. Your email might be blocking me.

08/21/08 01:41 PM #6    

Sarah Kuhn (Welte)

Hey, all you who are updating your 'Profiles'! It's great to hear from you & read about your lives. BUT, come on! Post/download some recent photos if you haven't. We'd like to connect with how you appear these days. . .don't be shy!!

08/23/08 04:35 PM #7    

Janice Asner (Feldman)

What a great web site. Much easier to use than Facebook. Thanks,

08/23/08 11:56 PM #8    

Ann Lynn (Noble)

Who was that Olympic athlete that came to Harding and talked to us during an assembly in the auditorium? Does anyone remember?

09/01/08 05:56 PM #9    

Shannon Welborn (Holcomb)

Hi, Ann;

I remember Roger Bannister speaking to us, but I could be making that up. He ran the four-minute mile in 1954ish. He was a Brit.

But who was the Miss America Wannabe who practice taught speech under Alice Locke and then moved to Florida's Dade County and and bashed gays?

Great site, Jerry.


09/03/08 04:06 PM #10    

Jerry Richardson

You are getting two different girls mixed up. The one who moved to Florida and was the gay basher was Anita Bryant. The student teacher for Miss Locke was Nancy Denner. I know because I took drama from her that year.


09/07/08 09:21 PM #11    

Shannon Welborn (Holcomb)


Miss Bryant was one to two student teachers who slaved for Miss Locke. They were both fascinating.

But was it really Roger Bannister who spoke to us?


09/10/08 05:08 PM #12    

Katherine Hahn (Niggemeyer)

Jerry - Re: Missing Classmates

Not sure this all still stands, but worth a check -
Bob Hathaway in upholstery business in OKC
Nancy Roberts was an employee at Furr's for a while - Could have passed away.
Jean Starkey Fleming is living in Houston.


09/10/08 05:15 PM #13    

Katherine Hahn (Niggemeyer)

Jerry - Wasn't Norman Loeffler in our class. I didn't see his name anywhere. I believe he fell in Viet Nam. Katherine

10/01/08 03:32 AM #14    

Shannon Welborn (Holcomb)

Hello, Everyone, or, really, Ahoj!

After a year, I am finally back in Prague--just arrived yesterday. I'm staying in a hostel in a new neighborhood, Ziskov. My Prague friends are quite shocked--but I read envy--because they call my new neighborhood The Bronx. Yeah, some people I've seen really do have dirt under their fingernails. Some even wear brown corderoy--Jerry, where's SpellCheck!?!?!

Prague continues to change change change. I was first here in June 1990, just after The Wall. Have been here every year or so since. This trip, I'm going to as many of the sites which are documented from the time of my king--Charles IV--as possible. It was he who took Prague from a collection of some small villages and made PRAGUE! Built the famous bridge; founded the first university in East Central Europe--the next nearest was Bologna; founded the New Town and built city walls connecting all the previous parts; established Prague as an archbishopric and therefore sovereign; began building St. Vitus Cathedral; established two major markets for international trade; refurbished Prague Castle; and vineyards and fields for hops. It was also he who wrote the constitution for the German states--the Holy Roman Empire--that was in effect from the mid-fourteenth century until Napoleon dismantelled it in 1806. Some people are offended when I say My king--"You're an American! You don't have a king!"--but what do they know?

Charles's father's sister married the French king so Charles was reared from age seven 'til about age sixteen at the French court. He went next with his father to fight those unwinable wars in northern Italy--where he got the message: These wars are won for only one day, then it's back to the battlefield; stupid stupid stupid use of your life. So to Bohemia--today's Czech Republic--and building Prague. Thirty kms southwest of Prague Charles built Karlstejn Castle and, in it, the Chapel of the Holy Cross where the crown, the relics, the paperwork were kept. I'm working on a book about this chapel.

And, OH!, how happy I am to be back in my city. New York is my other city. I only keep an apartment in Washington. The streets of Prague, the streets of New York know my name: "Shannon! Come out and play!" In Washington there's not so much to do so one can get work done. That's useful sometimes.

I would love it if the rest of y'all would write an update on what you're doing. I'm kind of alone, here, but I even like the political rants. Lets me know what people are really thinking. The political and financial pages of the newspapers let us know: things are bubbling! What do you think about the Autumn of 2008?

Hope to hear for everyone. Only Mrs. Wiser will grade us and there's not much she can do, now, to enforce her rules.


10/03/08 07:33 PM #15    

Kay Lynn Fellers (Sturm)

I need Dunning Sanger and Robert McCoy to send me their phone numbers so I can update your on the Harding lunches at Johnnies! 341-8568

Kay Lynn

10/09/08 05:02 PM #16    


Jamie Jones (Freeman)

Kay Lynn...can you please give us an update on Jane Pemberton Campbell?

Jerry...the car bit was fun. I can remember when even most girls could identify a car from the front end or body shape but now it's almost impossible. I really don't recall anyone at Harding having a 'real' hot rod other than some guy one year ahead of us. Seem to recall he wrecked his car at lunchtime on Shartel near the bottom of the hill near the park in the winter of 1958. Will try to look him up in the '58 yearbook. He was short, had dark hair, a ducktail, rolled up his t-shirt sleeves and wore his pants as low as they would go...oh, and he did not hide his smoking! He was always getting sent home for dress code/smoking violations. I guess he epitomized the John Travolta character to come in "Grease".

How many of you watched Dick Clark after school?

I think it's a terrific idea if we could put together a book for the 50th of some of our memories. I LOVED Carl's story about Mr. Clemens and the World Series. I only had Buena Vista Morrison once and it was an afternoon class. She always let us listen to the Series.

10/11/08 09:03 PM #17    


Jamie Jones (Freeman)

So does anyone remember Joe Earl Hendrickson? I think he's the one who had the 'hot rod' and the car accident. But then I saw Tommy Lambke's picture and seem to recall he was a 'bad boy' also. Please correct me if I'm wrong!!

There were so many wonderful girls and guys in the 58 class. It would be nice if we could have a joint reunion sometime.

10/15/08 11:26 AM #18    


Jamie Jones (Freeman)

Has anyone checked this out yet? I've only skimmed it since I just learned about it this morning. It's supposed to be unbiased in presenting both sides.

I do not want to start a repeat of the debate in 2004...enough was enough!! I'm just trying to follow what Joe Walker taught us - to read, read, read before making a decision and since this is a new site and supposedly willing to present both sides as unbiased as possible, I just felt obligated to share it.

See you next year!

10/19/08 10:44 PM #19    

Patsy Akin (Brooks)

Jerry, this is a great website. Thank you for doing all this work. Thanks, too, to the reunion committee for all you are doing. This is my first evening to look at the website. I'm really going to enjoy it.

Patsy Akin Brooks

11/19/08 08:06 PM #20    


Jamie Jones (Freeman)

How many of you have checked out "class of 2008"? Quite fascinating.

12/15/08 10:31 AM #21    

Berry Miller

I just checked Carl Lund's profile and read of the plot to skip school to watch the World Series. Hilarious! Ferris Bueller had nothing on our Harding guys.

02/17/09 07:39 AM #22    

Berry Miller


I started to post my message to you here, but chickened out.


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