Susan Turk Sullinger

Profile Updated: May 31, 2009
Residing In: Saratoga, CA
Spouse/Partner: Carl
Occupation: Real Estate Agent for Coldwell Banker
Children: Scott Carl, born 1969
Jayson Turk, born 1974
Attending Reunion



After Harding and four years of college with a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Oklahoma, I taught for one year at Southeast High School in OKC 1963-1964. In 1964 Carl Sullinger (1958 West Point graduate) and I were married at St. Luke’s Methodist Church in OKC and briefly lived at Ft. Sill as one of our military assignments. For the next several years, our lives revolved around Carl’s jobs.

1965—We moved to Philadelphia for two years for Carl to get his Master’s Degree from University of
Pennsylvania in preparation for teaching at West Point.
1967—We moved to West Point, New York where Carl taught at the United States Military Academy, that is
50 miles North of NYC. This was a fun and memorable experience with tons of activities and events
to attend as a Professor’s wife. We had “quarters” overlooking the scenic Hudson River.
1970—While Carl was gone to Viet Nam for a year (his second tour), I lived in a duplex on Avondale in
Nichols Hills and went to Central State University where I received my Master’s of Education
Degree in 1971.
1971—We moved to Ft. Sill where we lived in military housing in an area called “Rattlesnake Ridge” as
our 40 housing units were in the “boonies” of the Fort behind the “tank” trail. When the big 15-20
tank convoys came by our flat roof duplex quarters, the single pane windows rattled. Our neighbors
who had never been to OKC had this dusty, rattlesnake vision of Oklahoma. I tried to explain how
nice OKC is, but they never got the vision of tree lined streets and big houses of Nichols Hills.
1975-- Our next move was Ft. Monroe, Virginia (southern Virginia near Norfolk). This was one of our
favorite places for our two sons and us.
1978—My husband retired from the Army after 20 years and he became a defense Contractor for the next 30
years working at a large corporation in San Jose, California. The four of us moved to sunny

We finally bought our first house in Saratoga, California in 1978 after years of living in military housing or rental properties. Our Saratoga home is in a suburb of San Jose, CA (also 50 miles south of San Francisco) and we live approx. two miles from the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Our little Village of Saratoga has a mountain stream running through the six block business district. We have 30,000 residents in Saratoga, but our village is part of Silicon Valley, which includes over a million people and is home to Intel, Apple, Google, Yahoo, etc.

In 1992, after part-time teaching for ten years, I decided to become a Realtor and started working for Coldwell Banker/Saratoga. I absolutely love it! Even though my husband, Carl, retired from 30 years as an engineer in November 2008, I don’t plan to retire from the real estate business. When one finds a career one loves, work is fun! Working keeps us young! Our two grown sons are both married and live in California, but we do not have any grandchildren yet.

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June 2008--Susan and Carl at his 50th Reunion from West Point, New York. The photo taken at West Point overlooking Hudson River. Our quaters (1967-1970) overlooked the Hudson River with a view like this.